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Popular Types of Sausage Around the World

The many types of sausage around the world

Sausage has always been the staple and legendary fast food that one can always count on for quick yummy meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. And there are many types of sausage that are loved by all the people around the world.

Want to know more about sausage and just what LuxoFood has in store when it comes to sausages? Read up more to find out !

You will love all these sausages that come from all over the world !

When something is good, you can always know for sure that it exists in a variety of form all over the world. Sausage is no exception to that fact, and here are some international versions that you can find around the globe :


Andouille – France

This type of sausage is characterized by its highly-coarse grained and extremely pungent aroma. Most commonly made from pork intestines or veal, traditional Andouille has a strong and distinctive smell.

Bratwurst – Germany

One of the most popular types of sausages, Bratwurst can be made of various meat, from pork, veal, or beef. It usually includes seasoning and spices, making it extra delicious and fragrant to eat. Whether grilled, steamed, broiled or cooked, this German sausage is a winner for many.

Chipolatas – France

Typically made from coarse ground pork seasoned with salt and pepper together with herbs and spices, Chipolata is thin, short and fresh sausage commonly served for breakfast.

6 pcs of chipolatas (pork sausages), one of the popular types of sausage around the world

Chipolatas – Pork sausages (6pcs)

Krainer – Slovenia

A small and simple sausage that is also known as Kaese Krainer, this sausage is made with pork, beef, bacon and garlic. In 2012, it went famous as Austria and Slovenia fought over its claim as the origin.

4 pcs of non-pork cheese krainer sausages, one of the popular types of sausage around the world

Non-pork Cheese Krainer sausages (4pcs)

Merguez – Morocco

Merguez is a sausage made with uncooked lamb, beef, or the mixture stuffed into a lamb- intestine casing. It has distinct cumin and chili pepper, making it red in appearance. Other spices such as garlic is often also present.

6pcs of merguez, one of the popular types of sausage around the world

Merguez (6pcs)

Vienna Sausage – Austria

With variety of meat such as beef, turkey, chicken and pork, Vienna sausage is one of the most beloved yet. Using smoked and thoroughly cooked method, you can heat them up or eat as is.

10pcs of non-pork vienna sausages, one of the popular types of sausage around the world

Non-pork Vienna Sausages (5pcs)

Chorizo – Spain

Chorizo is a type of pork sausage, usually coarsely chopped pork and pork fact, which is then seasoned with salt and smoked paprika. In general, chorizo has a hint of spicy and sweet taste with a rather thick appearance.

Cotechino – Italy

An Italian large pork sausage, cotechino can be cooked by boiling it in low heat for it to be completely tender and ready to be devoured. Made from pork, fatback, and pork rind, cotechino is often served as a special dish for Christmas event for its deliciousness.


2pcs of fresh italian spicy pork sausages

Fresh Italian Spicy Pork Sausages (2pcs)

The Making of Sausages


4pcs of sausages

Many probably have known and avoided sausages due to its notorious label of “ questionable processed meat”. Before you are quick to dismiss the making of sausage, let’s learn the two different types of sausage based on its process :


Industrial sausage means the mass-manufactured kind in factory using machine equipment, resulting in products that can be easily purchased in your normal supermarkets. Meat ingredients of various kinds are often included along with flavorings to produce easy and quick batches of sausages to be distributed for end users.

The are many big brands that offer industrial sausage products but as with most processed food, it is best to consume industrial sausage in moderation to keep up with your health.

Homemade or Artisan

As the name suggests, homemade sausage is the type where it is produced ethically using quality ingredients through the hands of artisans. At LuxoFood, we sell artisan sausage that is safe due to this certain values :

    • No texturing, activities, or coloring products.
    • Made of quality pork, chicken, beef and lamb.
    • Free of preservatives*

In addition to all those excellent features, homemade sausage at LuxoFood also consists of halal or non-halal types that you can choose as preferred. All of these varieties are provided specially for your convenience and safety in mind.

Wondering the types of sausage around the world that are available at LuxoFood? Check our Selection of Sausages now !

That being said, we want to encourage you to continue and enjoy eating sausage from LuxoFood with peace of mind. Be more selective with where your sausage comes from and you can serve this delicious dish for your family, without any worry.

*Few artisans may use mix of spices which contains preservatives.

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