Know your Beef

Luxofood Beef selection has been carefully curated based on origin, brand reputation, cattle types, stock availability and meat tenderness.

All beefs: wagyu Full-blood or F1, Black Angus, Grain-fed or Grass-fed are sourced from Australia and Japan.

No growth promotants, antibiotics, animal by-products or genetically modified (GMO) feed products were used.

Portioned meats such as steaks have been cut from chilled cuts only and freeze immediately to ensure optimal hygiene and quality after defrosting.

Beef Brands on Luxofood

Stockyard Wagyu

Since 1994, Stockyard has been Australia’s leading exporter of Wagyu beef. Stockyard sources Wagyu feeders from its own breeding program and through strong alliances with professional Wagyu breeding operations.

Stockyard Wagyu beef is derived from animals with genetics from Crossbred Wagyu F1 50% to Wagyu Fullblood 100%.  The cattle are fed in our feedlot on a diet exclusively designed and managed by our nutritionist.

Stockyard Wagyu are independently graded and processed under our strict supervision to ensure production and quality specifications are met.

Stockyard Black Angus Gold 200 days

Stockyard’s long fed beef is derived from Angus cattle fed on a specially formulated high energy grain ration for a minimum of 200 days at Kerwee Feedlot.

The meat from Stockyard Angus beef cattle is popular in fine-dining restaurants throughout the world and is renowned for its sensational taste and guaranteed tenderness.

Stockyard Gold has been a consistent medal winner at branded beef competitions held in Australia over the last 20 years.

To guarantee taste, flavour and safety, Stockyard uses locally grown wholesome wheat, barley and sorghum.

OBE Organic Grass-fed Beef

OBE Organic produces the world’s best organic beef.

It began in the 1990s as Australia’s first and only premium meat exporter 100% dedicated to the production of organic beef. Formed by a group of far-sighted pastoral families, our company was founded on century old traditions – raising cattle exactly the way nature intended.

No chemicals, no pollutants, no hormones, nothing, except a whole-hearted commitment to letting the most enriching natural forces and environment produce the very best grass fed organic beef.

OBE Organic’s entire supply chain is fully certified organic.

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Southland Darling Grain-fed Beef

Southland Darling is the pioneer of pure grain-fed Holstein breeding supported by the Australian Government making it an exclusive product & also the first in the Indonesian Market.

The Holstein bobby calves are raised with their mothers and hand reared with milk and grain. Meat from young Holstein is tender with delicate flavor.

Southland darling is Halal Certified, processed at G & K O’Connor, Pakenham EST 1265.

John Dee Grain-fed Beef

John Dee’s high quality grain fed beef is the product of an integrated feeding program at the company’s Yarranbrook Feedlot. The feedlot is located on the Southern Darling Downs, near Inglewood.

Its modern design uses all the latest technology and cattle care practices so the cattle enjoy a clean and stress free environment.

Feeder cattle are specially selected direct from accredited producers of well bred cattle and are fed a balanced diet of quality flaked grain with locally produced feedstuffs to achieve a high grade product.

Kilcoy Grain-fed Beef

Kilcoy Pastoral Company Premium 100 Day Grain-Fed Beef is produced in the picturesque town of Kilcoy at the base of the Conondale Range in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Region. Local beef producer, Damian Kennedy, established Kilcoy Pastoral Company in 1953.

Kilcoy Pastoral Company has grown to be one of the five largest beef processors in the country. Community, environment and animal welfare along with proposing safe quality products for customers remain core concerns in every actions of the company.

The distinctive Kilcoy “Blue Diamond” that appears on all Kilcoy Pastoral Company grain-fed product is renowned both domestically and internationally as a stamp of quality, consistency and integrity.

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