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Do you enjoy cooking from healthy recipes or prioritize fresh tasty foods for your everyday’s meals? Then you are a part of growing food movement that Luxofood also believes in. The need for better food awareness is higher than ever as we, as a modern society, constantly seeks healthier quality food choices. This is not without reasons, healthy food simply means better health, excellent taste and a string of other benefits, including increased productivity and happiness level. But just how much do we understand the concept of healthy foods? What makes healthy foods and how can we can source and serve them for daily meals? Read on to find out more!  

5 Tips For a Healthier Food & Better Diet Width=

  • Include Food Variety

Food variety means eating a wide variety of foods from each of the five food groups, in the recommended amounts. By eating different types of food, it helps maintain a healthy and interesting diet while providing a range of different nutrients for your body. The five major food groups to include are : vegetables and beans, fruits, lean meats, grains, and dairy. This concept is what we called as balanced meal and should always be incorporated daily for the best of health.

Almond Natural (500g)

  • Source Food Ethically

At Luxofood, we believe in sourcing food ingredients ethically. This means that we eliminate questionable food providers, only work with those who provide the products through a health-concious way, and sample our items to our best extent for quality and taste. Take our bread and pastry for example, we deliver freshly baked products that are naturally produced with no preservatives or commercial based ingredients. We also love working with artisans and chefs – both local or international – for their handmade products, ensuring the quality of each item.

Multigrains Bread – 500G

  • Check Your Brands

While we love and support local products, food preparations may call for more complex ingredients that are not available in your local provider. This is why Luxofood also offer international brand items, from sauces, oil, to vinegar, meat and delicatessen selection too. Having imported foods from well-known brands ready at our store is our way to deliver trust to our customers. We believe that these worldwide food companies also come with the assurance of licenses, certifications, accurate food labels, and quality content.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classico (1L)

  • Go Natural & Organic

Width= It’s always a good idea to go natural or organic when it comes to your food. Organic foods often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants or anti-allergy properties.Organic produce contain fewer pesticides, chemicals or preservatives too.

Organic Quinoa White (500g)

  • Minimally Processed Food

Processed foods can be beneficial to your diet, for example milk and juices that are packed with calcium and vitamin D. Breakfast cereals also may have added fiber while canned fruit is a good option when fresh fruit is not available. These minimally processed foods such as frozen fruits, vegetables or cheese can be great alternatives to add to your daily diet. Moreover, processed foods can offer convenience, taste and quality when you know how to get them.   Join a part of food movement with Luxofood, shop today with us and make health a part of your shopping priority today!

Strawberry Iqf (1Kg) Frozen

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