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Width= Juicy, fresh, flavorful and succulent, what’s not to love about crabs?! It’s no wonder that crab meat is getting more and more popular, with restaurants sprouting everywhere with dedicated crab menu for its fans. To know means to love, so let’s waste no time and dive in Luxofood’s all-crab guide below!   Edible Crabs : What To Know The majority of edible crabs have five pairs of legs, with the front legs being the larger pincers. They can live in both shallow and deep-sea waters, though they are typically found in the intertidal areas up to 10 meters deep because areas with a moderate current and edges of banks provide protection. They prey on a large variety of animals, including clams, fish, other crabs, sea stars, worms, squid, snails, and eggs from fish or crabs. When it comes to taste, crab is almost like a lobster with a sweeter taste compared to meat. Crab has a soft texture and not as chewy like lobster, but when eaten fresh can be extra delightful, unique and heavenly.



Common Types of Crabs In Indonesia Width=

  • Mangrove Crab

Much like its name, mangrove or mud crab is also called as Bakau Crab which refers to its habitat, the mangroves. The colors may vary from muddy purple to reddish or orange and greyish blue. The size may be 2-3 times bigger than human’s palm.

  • Soka Crab

Is a type of soft-shell crab that is often sold in frozen condition. You can immediately consume without removing the shells.

  • Blue Crab

Also called as Rajungan Crab, this type has a beautiful blue-green color that turns reddish when cooked. Blue crabs is considered a favorite and quite expensive but has a sweet, juicy and soft meat that made it perfect to be eaten.

  • King Crab

Long legs and huge body, this giant crab is also called Alaskan King Crab, Japanese crab and Russian crab. It can reach up to 10 kgs or more, but only ¼ is edible.

  • Stone Crab

Also called as rock crab, this type has a firm texture and a sweet, succulent flavor. Other popular types also include : dungeness crab, spider crab, and snow crab.   How to Choose Fresh Crab Width=

When buying crabs, check out these signs to get the freshest and meatiest crabs:

  • Dry Cage

This is much preferred than in water tank, which means the crabs have been exhausted from swimming. Also ask when the crabs were caught, ideally it should be within two days after captive.

  • Active Crabs

Aggressive crabs means they’re fresh!

  • Belly & Claw

The underside of a fresh crab usually has a firm, building and yellow tinted belly, not soft or blue which means the crab is losing its freshness. The claw must also be well-used which indicate its maturity.

  • Shells & Smells

A worn/old shell means that the crab is ready to shed its shells and is fleshy. As for the odour, steer away from those that reek of chemical such as ammonia and go with ones that are free of smell.   Need more fresh food ingredients? Go with quality food only from Luxofood, including butter and other sauces you need to cook your crabs with! Consult us today for more varieties and cooking ideas.

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