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Dry & Canned

Build out your pantry with our incredible dry goods and canned essentials.

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Start with our premium olive oils and vinegars that lend incredible flavors. Our robust extra virgin olive oils come from respected estates across Italy and Greece. Aged balsamic and red wine vinegars provide amazing depth.

No pantry is complete without an array of enticing condiments and sauces. We offer artisanal mustards, vibrant pestos, flavor-packed curry simmer sauces and more for adding instant taste boosts.

For the pasta lover, explore our dried artisanal varieties made from farro, lentils, quinoa and more beyond basic semolina. We also carry gluten-free options.

Expand your grain horizons with unique global rice varietals like aromatic jasmine, nutty basmati, and sticky black rice in addition to long grain staples.

Keep things simple with our selection of canned beans, lentils, tomatoes and vegetables. Add favors with spices and herbs.

Don’t forget the nuts, seeds and dried fruits! We offer premium raw, roasted and seasoned varieties for snacking, baking or adding crunch to dishes.

With our array of oils, vinegars, condiments, dried pastas, rices, pulses, canned goods and more, you’ll have everything needed to make incredible meals anytime.

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