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Start your day right with our incredible selection of gourmet breakfast specialties.

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For a wholesome and delicious morning meal, our granolas deliver incredible flavors and textures. We offer classic oat varieties as well as unique blends incorporating nuts, seeds, dried fruits and more for amazing crunch.

Spread some decadence on your toast with our all-natural nut butters like velvety peanut, rich almond or indulgent pistachio varieties. We also have nut-free sunflower and pumpkin seed butter options.

Our jam collection showcases incredible fruit flavors and bright colors – all made from premium fruits, herbs and just a touch of pure cane sugar. Spread intense strawberry, tangy raspberry or luscious peach preserves over scones, toast or swirled into yogurt.

Pancake and waffle connoisseurs will want to explore our specialty mixes and toppings like real maple syrup and rich marmalades. We even offer irresistible chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon syrups for an extra treat.

For those on the go, we have delicious granola and oatmeal cups in portable, resealable pouches. Just add your choice of yogurt or milk. They also make tasty snacks any time of day.

All our breakfast specialties get made using premium real ingredients – no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners allowed. It’s simply good, honest morning sustenance.

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