Bass Strait and its coastlines fall at the latitude where drenching rain, warming sun and saltwater winds combine to create climatic perfection for growing tender grass-fed beef.
The cattle are peacefully raised on natural rye grasses and clover without the need of antibiotics or hormone growth promotants.
The taste – As clean as the winds of Bass Strait.
George Bass was the last of the great maritime explorers of the Australian coastline.  In a number of voyages, Bass and fellow explorer Matthew Flinders helped to map out the shape of the Australian continent and the island of Tasmania.
One of their key exploits was in 1798 when Bass & Flinders sailed along the northern coast of Van Diemens’ Land (Tasmania), southwards along its west coast, then north again up the east coast before returning to Sydney; finally proving that it was not connected to the mainland. That body of water was thereby named, Bass Strait.

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