Maison Pierre

Maison Pierre

Maison Pierre

Maison Pierre is launched in 2013 in Jakarta.

It is specialized in bakery products (pastries, bread cakes) they serve restaurant, hotels and private consumers.

The company has been claiming a passion for quality and innovation to bring happiness to every customer.

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Chef Simon

Chef Simon

Chef Simon, born in La Rochelle, France.

After working in kitchens around the world for 20 years, he dropped his backpack in Bandung, Indonesia.

His moto “fresh is best “ is applied everyday in Apero kitchens and creates classic artisan French food with a modern eye.

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Mazaraat Cheese & Creamery

Mazaraat Cheese & Creamery

Lead by master cheesemaker Jamie who learnt techniques in France, Mazaraat produces high quality homemade & nature-based artisan cheeses which are continuously made in friendly farmstead environment by empowering local farmers.

Organic and 100% Halal.

Mazaraat is located in Jogjakarta.

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Monggo Chocolate

Monggo Chocolate

Thierry Detournay’s adventure began in Yogyakarta in 2001, when he arrived in Indonesia without a plan in mind.

Disappointed by the poor quality of chocolate, he decided to take matters into his own hands and endeavours to make some specialties of his low-land country Belgium, using limited resources.

The first chocolate truffles he gave to his Indonesian friends caused their eyes to light up with pleasure. “You have to make more!”

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Gioia Cheese

Gioia Cheese

Gioia Cheese was created in 2011 by two Italians living in Bali who shared a common passion for cheese.

Gioia produces excellent dairy products, according to the original Italian tradition using only local raw products, as they strongly support and respect the territory they live in.

Non-animal rennet and no speed-up agents are involved in the production process.
Products are 100% natural, suitable for vegetarians and made in full respect of the tradition.

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Werner Jayson, Pitmaster

Werner Jayson, Pitmaster

Jayson’s meats & BBQ

Jayson developed his passion for cooking growing up in Germany and he felt in love for smoking meats and making BBQ sauces in Austin, Texas.

He focuses on selling quality meats, the tradition of low and slow smoking in his own custom build smoker.
Jayson does nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just good food and smoked meats.

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Chef Arie Afandi

Chef Arie Afandi

(021) 2358 1242

Chef Arie Afandi is a talented Indonesian chef from Malang, Java island.

Trained in French and Indonesian cuisines, chef Arie excels in creating east-west meals combining local flavors, crisp with western cooking methods.

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A family recipe, combining french traditional flavors with unique spices of Asia.

All naturally preserved showcasing the fresh and natural flavors of the east and west.

L’Amour Jams are made with love, it says it all in our name.


+62 815 993 0839

Fumoir Artisan Charcuterie is a handmade processed preserved meat producer.

The products are made in small batches, and take as long as they take until they reach their perfection. With every bite, we bring to you a tribute to the history, culture, and technique that took thousands of years in the making.

Bon Appetit!

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Luxofood Gourmet Creation

Luxofood Gourmet Creation


Luxofood in-house chefs have prepared ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat delicious products such as:

Marinated meats and fishes

Granola and biscuits for your sweet tooth

Mix spices and Sauces for cooking

Chef Nabil Jaghdour

Chef Nabil Jaghdour

Gourmand Group
(021) 2949 6213

Born in Morocco, Chef Nabil Jaghdour grew up in the food & wine region of Bordeaux, south of France.

His passion for cuisine, expert gastronomic knowledge for Moroccan and French food has lead him to found Gourmand group in 2018 to regroup his restaurants Tangier, Poach’d, Cosmo and his F&B services (cooking class, catering).

Chef Camille Benedetto-Flosse

Chef Camille Benedetto-Flosse

Garcon Bistro
(021) 57900140

Chef Camille Benedetto-Flosse, is from south-east of France.

His cooking style is a combination of buttery and creamy recipes but also Mediterranean ones where olive oil, fresh basil and tomatoes are predominant.

Currently head chef of Garçon bistro, bar and patisserie located in Plaza Senayan Jakarta, his cuisine is offered in a warm and sociable atmosphere of a classy Parisian theme with geometric designs of white wooden panels and monochromatic tiles.

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Levant Boulangerie

Levant Boulangerie

(021) 78847454

LEVANT Bakery’s Bread is made of flour, sourdough, salt, water and... time: at least 24 hours fermentation!!

A long fermentation process allows richer flavors to develop (our sourdough starter is 10 years old), produces bread easier to digest, much healthier than regular bread (more minerals, vitamins etc.), that keeps longer.

All our breads are hand-crafted and baked in a deck oven according to ancestral tradition.

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Aidan Broderick - Coffee Specialist

Aidan Broderick - Coffee Specialist

Expat Roasters
(0623) 61738454

After working throughout Asia on all areas about the coffee trade, Aidan has specialized his knowledge on Indonesian Coffee, sourcing and roasting from all over the archipelago.

With the help of founder Shae Manamara Expat. Roasters is producing award winning barista’s, roasters and coffees, producing a brand that is now widely accepted as a market leader.

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Chef Claas Meinke

Chef Claas Meinke

Bavarian Haus
(0251) 8259805

Claas Meinke has many years of experience in Butchery and Restaurant business, not only in Germany but also throughout several Asian countries.

He is currently the head of Bavarian Haus located in Puncak, Java island, Indonesia.

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Ty Breizh

Ty Breizh

French Delicatessen Recipes

Artisan from France and established in Jakarta since 24 years.

Philippe creates products with genuine flavors using high quality ingredients sourced locally.

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Mamma Rosy

Mamma Rosy

Authentic Italian
(021) 71791592

Mamma Rosy is an amazing house in South Jakarta managed by a genuine Italian family, a truly home-made cooking and traditional Italian drinks.

They keep the joyful of cooking and serving people since three generations. All dishes are simple but not average, made by passion, the same passion that allow them to share their experience on homemade and handmade products.

Mamma Rosy serves you only the best, always!

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