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8 Tips For Healthy Eating While Working From Home

When you’re working from home, the temptation to stroll down the kitchen and open the fridge can be too much to resist. As a result, you may be snacking more and being less productive as the days pass. Combat the pitfalls of unhealthy eating while working from home with below tips :

1. Stay away from the kitchen

The first one seems simple enough : distance yourself from food. You can do this by avoiding to work in or near the kitchen, choosing some place that inspires you with creativity and productivity. By making each visit to the kitchen difficult, you are less likely to think of food and instead can focus on the task at hands. 

2. Stick to your routine schedule

Now that you are working from home, try your best to stick to the daily routine, including with your snack and meal times. Plan your day as per usual such as getting up, workout, shower, breakfast, then coffee to lunch and snack time. Consider each meal time your pass card to take a break and stick to it. 

3. Focus on real food

We’re talking about a balanced and nutritious meal that really helps with productivity. Choose a combination of menu that keeps you full longer and helps you focus. Select protein, fiber, healthy fats, fruits and veggies. These healthy choices will impact your mood and energy level. 

4. Watch your calories

Now that you are working from home, the more you should be focusing on serving foods with real nutritional values. Watch your meals by choosing fresh foods, home-cooking, and healthy recipes that call for low calories. Avoid junk foods, ordering in or calorie-dense food that you don’t need. 

5. Don’t eat at your desk

Many people practically live in the work desk now that they are working from home. But it is important to actually have meals away from your desk, not just for healthy and hygiene purposes, but also for many good reasons. 

You are less likely to overeat and be more satisfied when you enjoy your meal properly at the dining table. It also allows you the chance to get up and move more, boosting productivity at the same time. 

6. Don’t mistaken breaks as snacktime

Taking a break from work does not necessarily mean that you have to have a snack or sweet drink or any treat. Take breaks when you’re feeling bored or tired by stretching, walking around or doing simple chores instead of eating. 

7. Don’t forget to hydrate

Drinking plenty of water keeps health problems at bay, such as headaches and fatigue. Fill up your water bottle and keep at your desk, just as you would in the office. Having your drink around motivates you to replenish your body fluid that flushes out toxin. 

You also want to be careful with your choices of beverages, ie avoid soda or high sugar content that will cause you to crash. Stick to tea and coffee, but also watch your caffeine intake. 

8. Stock up on healthy snacks

When you’re working from home, the temptation to stroll down the kitchen and open the fridge can be too much to resist, here some tips for healthy eating while wfh

We all find it hard to stay away from snacking, especially when we work from home. The easy way to this is by replacing your unhealthy snacks with high-quality ones. Think of frozen fruits, yoghurt, popcorn, mix trail, granola etc that are nothing like the other oily, salty and unhealthy alternatives.

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