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7 Interesting Facts About Pork to Get You Started

Pork lovers, there’s no introduction needed for this protein-rich, deliciously-sinful and extra-succulent meat that many have come to enjoy. It is one of the world’s most popular meat with over 80 billion tons consumed annually all over the globe. From bacon breakfast, pork sausages, to minced perfection, let’s get into these 7 interesting facts about pork to get your appetite going!

1. Basic interesting facts about pork

Pork is the meat of a domestic pig. It is the most commonly consumed red meat worldwide, including in Asia, but is a forbidden food in certain religions such as Islam and Judaism. Pork is often prepared in unprocessed form, but pork products are also often preserved such as smoked pork, ham, bacon and sausages.

2. The nutrition and health benefits

Pork is a high-protein food and contains varying amounts of fats. To enjoy the healthiest pork benefits, it’s recommended to prioritize lean cuts – tenderloin, loin chops and sirloin roast. Lean cuts of pork are not just high in protein and lower in fat, but also contain more B-vitamins than many more other types of meat.

While superbly delicious and more preferred by most, bacon and other fatty cuts are less healthy compared to the lean parts. Still, eating moderation is key in getting both the health benefits and the best flavors.

3. Interesting facts about pork production

Pigs breed at all times of the year, so pork production is a continuous cycle. For some pig producers, they manage the full cycle from breeding to selling. In most farms, most pigs are kept in confinement until they reach a slaughter weight of over 100kg, usually at 6 months of age.

4. The best pork seller

Other than the production method, it’s important to know where you are sourcing or buying your pork. We personally recommend procuring your pork meat only at trusted sellers who work around hygiene and fresh products at all time.

Whenever possible, try to buy free-range or organic. At LuxoFood, we carry a different variety of pork meat with one principle in mind : integrity. We work only with trusted local farmers, reputable import brands and fine artisans.

5. The many types of pork cut

One of the interesting facts about pork is its many types of cut


A versatile cut, shoulder can be minced/diced. The bone can be kept for slow roasting, the tender fillet is perfect for steak or grilling, and overall is a prized pork cut.
One of the interesting facts about pork is how delicious it is a whole pork shoulder boneless chilled

Whole pork shoulder boneless chilled (1kg up)


Cut from the loin, this part is perfect for pan-roasting and grilling. Keep the skin on to get a crispy crackling mouthful of flavor.
One of the interesting facts about pork is how delicious it is a whole pork loin chilled

Whole pork loin chilled (1.5kg up)


A long thin muscle located inside the ribcage, this cut can be cooked whole or cut into small pieces for pan-fried dish. Also the leanest of all cut, making it the healthiest.
One of the interesting facts about pork is how delicious it is a whole pork fillet chilled

Whole pork fillet chilled (400gup)


Best for grilled or barbecued after marinating. Very juicy and succulent.

The photo of baby back ribs chilled

Baby back ribs chilled (800gup)


Meaty chop from the rump of the pig, usually is cheap but comes in delicious flavor and texture. Perfect for all kinds of cooking.
The photo of pork chops frozen

Pork Chops frozen (1 portion)


Low in fat and often cured to make ham. Often cooked in gravy dish with juicy and melt-in-the-mouth sensation.
The photo of speck pork tyrol ham

Speck Pork Tyrol Ham (180g up) sliced


Incredibly tender, fatty and delicious. Used to make streaky bacon and very high in fat.

The photo of pork belly skin

Pork Belly skin on (1.1kg) Frozen


Also fatty and full-flavored, a muscle part with a great jelly-like texture. Quite cheap to buy.

6. Recommended cuts & cooking methods

Know your cuts or work with your seller to get the best cuts that compliment your meal. The right cut will result in the best taste, tenderness and texture. Here are the recommended cuts based on your cooking methods :

  • Roasting :  Leg, Shoulder (fore quarter), Rolled Loin, Rolled Belly, Rack
  • Grill/ BBQ : Loin chops, Cutlets, Fillet, Scotch steak, Spare Ribs, Mince, Sausages
  • Stir -Fry : Fillet, Loin, Leg, Diced
  • Slow-cooking : Shoulder (forequarter), leg cuts, Hocks, Shanks, Ribs

Find your best cuts here.

7. Interesting facts about pork in Indonesia

According to a BBC Indonesia report, there’s been a huge misconception about the hygiene of pigs. When bred in a proper farm, pigs can be highly hygienic with over 90% of vegetables diet. Furthermore, government efforts in sustaining and regulating pig farms in Indonesia could mean that our local quality meat can be a great assurance in getting best products in our own homes.

This is also a reason why LuxoFood loves to work with trusted local products, including our pork selection, which you can enjoy with ease here!

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