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7 Genius Ways to Use Cheese You Must Try

Not gonna lie, we’re a big fan of cheese! There are many reasons why cheese is one of the most favorite foods for so many people, but among the list are delicious taste, versatility and also, healthy benefits. As is with all foods, it’s recommended to eat cheese in moderation. And whenever you need an idea to include cheese in your different meals, we have found these cheesy ideas for you to try:

1. Baby Mozzarella Appetizer

7 genius ways to use cheese you must try

This appetizer is going to be a hit at any party, with any age. All you need is mozzarella cheese, sliced into little pieces, coat with egg and milk, then fried with bread crumbs. Watch your frying pan as they turn golden brown and sprinkle with some garnish for finishing touch! Recipe

2. Cheese Waffle

7 genius ways to use cheese you must try

Cheese toast is good, but if you can work cheese into waffles, then you’ll hit a bingo breakfast! This works best with waffle iron rather than deep-frying which means less mess and more healthy pointers. Use good melting cheese such as cheddar or provolone. Recipe

3. Cheese-Topped Vegetables

7 genius ways to use cheese you must try

Need easy comfort food but veggie-based? Any roasted vegetables can become extra yummy when combined with shredded cheese as topping. Whether you want to go light as seasoning or all-in with loads of cheese, expect cheese-licious results! Recipe

4. Cheesy Chips

Cheese and potatoes are a pair made in food heaven! We recommended french fries, a bit of bacon, cheddar, and a bit of mayonnaise. If you want to add some greens, opt for spring onions finely sliced for an extra kick. More irresistible varieties here!

5. Baked Mac & Cheese

7 genius ways to use cheese you must try

Add a little crunch to your mac and cheese, simply by trying this baked version here. 

6. Crepe Cheese and Egg

7 genius ways to use cheese you must try

If you have crepe skin, an egg and cheese, well, you practically have everything. Skip the cereal or other boring breakfast and cook yourself an egg and cheese crepe to enjoy. 

7. Herbed Cheese

7 genius ways to use cheese you must try

  • One simple but genius way to take already-awesome cheese to the next level is by mixing in a variety of fresh herbs and spices. Commonly done with goat cheese, ricotta, feta, mascarpone, cream cheese and other soft cheeses, you can go savory or sweet. Just soften your cheese to room temp and mix-in your fixin’s. Try:
  • Herbed Ricotta.
  • Feta + Rosemary + Lemon Zest + Feta + Crushed Red Pepper
  • Ricotta + Garlic + Lemon Zest + Basil + Dill + Cilantro + Salt + Pepper
  • Cream Cheese + Bacon Bits + Chives + Salt + Pepper
  • Goat Cheese + Herbs De Provence + Chopped Walnuts + Honey + Thyme + Salt + Pepper
  • Mascarpone + Maple Syrup + Bacon
  • Cream Cheese + Diced Green Onion + Diced Carrot + Diced Celery + Diced Red Bell Pepper + Diced Red Onion + Dill + Garlic
  • Cream Cheese + Shredded Cheddar + Mayo + Garlic Powder + Cayenne Pepper + Onion Powder + Diced Jalapeño + Diced Pimento + Salt + Pepper

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