6 Best Places to Buy Ice Cream in Bali

Sun, sea and sand, there’s only one thing to make your tropical getaway even more amazing and that is ice cream. Ice cream is a wonderful enjoyment that works both for kids and adults when you’re in Bali. Soak up the sun and enjoy every satisfying experience with ice cream in Bali. Check out these 6 best places to get your ice cream pick of the day below. 

Where To Buy Ice Cream Online In Bali

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6 Best Places to Buy Ice Cream in Bali 

1. XOXO Ice Cream

XOXO Ice Cream Bali is available in different tourist spots in Kuta area. Not only do they offer great flavors,  but each store also welcomes you with great atmosphere and friendly service. There are plenty of must-eat favorites such as Lala Land, OMG, Red Wedding and their newly added alcoholic flavors. Go for second or third servings when you pass by them, you’ll not regret it!

2. Gusto Gelato & Caffe

Best Places to Buy Ice Cream in Bali

Gusto Gelato

Everyone knows Gusto as the ice-cream place to visit when you’re in Bali. Located in Seminyak and now also in Denpasar, Gusto brings a taste of Italian delight like how the French owners intended it. As gelateria owners back in Bologna, Italy, they carry multiple flavors  in 100% handmade and natural ways. You’ll be blown away by the local flavors such as Sambal Hijau ( Green Chilli) or Bika Ambon ( a Sumatra’s signature delicacy) and more!
3. Paletas Way

Not just an ice cream in Bali, this brand is also widely available in other major cities in Indonesia. Originally from Mexico, this artisanal frozen dessert comes in popsicles that have won the hearts of many. They have fruity flavors, premium choices and gold level ice cream that’s packed with real ingredients. Definitely a good choice to satisfy your cold cravings. 
4. RivaReno Gelato Bali

Best Places to Buy Ice Cream in Bali

RivaReno Gelato Bali

They claim themself as the best gelato in Bali and they might be just right! Their product is all about that intense natural goodness in velvety texture you can’t get enough of. If you visit the store in Kerobokan Kuta, you’ll also be able to witness the production yourself. In addition to gelato and sorbet, this ice cream in Bali store brings it to the next level with extra sauce. Pick from Chocolate Hazelnut to Amarena Cherries Sauce for your absolute enjoyment!
5. Gaya Gelato

When you are done shopping for ice cream and sorbets made of fresh fruits the natural way, treat yourself with other bakery items available in the store. The most recommended flavor of all is the Coconut which is consistently delicious and artful! 
6. Frozen Yogi

Available in Ubud and Seminyak, Frozen Yogi invites you to pick and serve your own frozen yogurt! In their colorful ice cream stores in Bali, choose your yogurts, toppings, sauce and more before heading for the weigh-in to pay. The vibrantly cute store and great customer service are something you’ll enjoy as well!

Where are your best places to enjoy ice cream in Bali? Share with us and don’t forget to choose quality ice cream to make your holiday that much sweeter! 

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