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5 Tips On How To Successfully Buy Wine Online

Unless you have the chance to actually visit the vineyard or sample the wine, there really isn’t any reason why one shouldn’t buy wine online. Other than having access to a wide variety of wine selections online from champagne, red wine or white wine, the process of buying wine online can be enjoyable with many great perks. 

So if you’re still wondering how to buy wine online or worrying about getting broken bottles of wine, fret not. We’re here to tell all on how to buy wine online successfully so that you’ll never have to have a second thought every again. 

Should You Buy Wine Online? Read On.

5 tips on how to successfully buy wine online

Unlike other items, we understand the hesitation with buying wine online. This beverage, afterall, is a part of a lifestyle that’s meant for relaxation and luxury for some people. Especially for first-timers, it can be an arduous task, from visiting the right online sellers, sorting through the varieties to making sure it arrives as promised and safely. 

But the fact is, there are many logical reasons why you should buy wine online since the benefits heavily outweigh your uncertainty. Here are some reasons why :

  • Better Selection

Shopping for wine online gives you access to amazing wines that are truly unique, rare and hard to find in your local wine stores. The part of any wine experience is to try out as many champagne, red wine or white wine as you’d like before finally finding something that fits your style. Chances are you can even get your hands on original and special quality products from wineries all around the world, and they are going to be so much better than mass-produced wines. 

  • Convenience.

Even before the pandemic, it’s a known fact that online shopping is all about extra convenience with unparalleled benefits. Nothing beats the pleasure of shopping in your pajamas on the couch, which means no traffic, no fighting for a parking spot, or even lugging home heavy bottles of wine from the store. It’s all about buy wine online and having it shipped to your doorstep.

  • Lower Prices

Online stores operate with less cost but that’s not the only reason. You also get to enjoy special promotions and discounts if you order in bulk. At LuxoFood, we regularly host Vino Folly Wine Promo where you can get the best out of the prices and selections. These are all the best champagne, red wine or white wine that are full with character and flavors, all lined up ready for you to bring home at affordable prices.

5 Tips How To Successfully Buy Wine Online

5 tips on how to successfully buy wine online

1. Work With Trusted Online Store

The main rule in any online shopping activity is always to work with a trusted provider. The last thing you want is to get counterfeit products for the price of authentic champagne, red wine or white wine. As the first premium grocery and fine food marketplace in Indonesia, LuxoFood is your best and most trusted choice when you want to buy authentic or artisanal products, including wine. 

2. Spoil Yourself With Choices

It can be frustrating to have only a few choices on hand, you’re reduced to selecting only what’s available instead of browsing for options. At  LuxoFood, we have the largest choice of wines and spirits of different varieties, origins, and more. From champagne, red wine or white wine, get ready to be spoiled with choices in one online marketplace.

3. Always Look For Deal

5 tips on how to successfully buy wine online

When you buy wine online, you get to choose when you want to check out your items. No more making multiple trips or walking out empty-handed just because you can’t decide yet. This convenience also comes very handy when you want to adjust your spending to when there’s a certain deal that’s going on in our online store. 

To make sure you’re not missing out on our wine promotions, follow our Facebook and Instagram!

4. Time Your Delivery or Make Arrangements

The fun part about online shopping is receiving your package! This way you can ensure that everything goes well with the safety of your wine. 

With LuxoFood, you can time your delivery since we offer different delivery methods suited to your needs. You can choose for OPEN DATE motorbike delivery which also ensures safety since your wine bottles will be personally handled. 

There are also drop off for PERSONAL PICK UP ( available in selected cities) and SPLIT SHIPMENT, which means you can shop various items then arrange for two separate shipment dates. Check out our shipping information here

5. Talk To Us

Wine is a social drink to start with, so why hesitate reaching out to the store who definitely knows what’s best or the perfect wine to recommend. At LuxoFood, we encourage our clients to be in touch with us for anything they may need. Just a click of a button and you can have your own wine concierge ready to answer your wine questions. 

Starting Today, Buy Wine Online At LuxoFood 

5 tips on how to successfully buy wine online

Wines are an important part of LuxoFood. We are dedicated to giving the absolute best quality and choices when it comes to your selection of  champagne, red wine or white wine. We also want to make your wine shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we have our WINE OF THE MONTH page, where we highlight a few selected wines, their origin, characteristics and how to pair them with food. 

You can also find a special page  Vino Folly Wine Promo where all our products are listed in full. Choose from  champagne, red wine or white wine from brands such as Cape Discovery, Bellisssimo, Vina Ventisquero, Obikwa, De Bortoli, The Elements and more. We have local wine from Indonesia to the exotic South Africa, Chile, Argentina and other regions in the world. 

Now that we have solved your most wanted desire to  buy wine online, the only thing that is left to do is to shop. Follow our tips on how to  buy wine online, sit back, relax and take that satisfying first sip to end your day perfectly. Cheers!

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