Amazing Discount for 2 or 3 bottles of Amazing Wines. You can mix brand or grape varieties.

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2 bottles for Rp500,000

All variant of Cono Sur Bicicleta (Chile), Angove Butterfly Ridge (Australia) and Obikwa (South-Africa)

2 for Rp600,000

All variant of Vina Ventisquero Clasico and Reserva (Chile)

2 for Rp650,000

All variant of Puente Austral Reserva Privada (Chile) and Cono Sur Reserva Especial (Chile)

2 for Rp750,000

All variants of Chateau Vieux Dominique (France), Chateau Bois Noir (France), Puente Austral Gran Reserva (Chile) and Barwick Estates (Australia)

3 for Rp600,000

All variants of Cape Discovery (Indonesia)

3 for Rp990,000

All variants of Chateau Los Boldos Tradition (Chile) and Nederburg (South-Africa)

Wines by Box (6 or 12 bottles)